Having a spiritual awakening can feel a lot like you are losing your mind.

Yet I think there is this idea that a spiritual awakening is a process of divine connection, where we are experiencing signs and synchronicities and ease and flow and then we live out our lives in the woods with the animals as our friends.

And while a spiritual awakening might involve these perks (maybe not the woodland creatures perk… but maybe?), I think the true process involves the act of coming face to face with who you are; coming face to face with yourself, your shadow side, and your beliefs. 

It’s when the universe holds up a mirror and you decide to actually peak inside and witness the pieces of yourself you haven’t had the strength or the capacity to witness before. 

It’s when you begin to question everything you thought you understood about the world, and yourself. 

It’s letting old pieces of yourself fall away so you can begin to rebuild in a more authentic way, in a truer way for you, without the old patterns, fear, and conditioning. 

It’s seeing your rawness, and your scars, and understanding that they hold beauty in them. Not in the form of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but in the form of being human, of holding both the darkness and the light, understanding that one cannot really exist without the other. 

Let’s talk about the darkness

There is a lot of talk of shadow work these days, but what is shadow work?

According to jungian psychology, the shadow self represents the denied aspects of ourselves, the pieces of us we deem unacceptable and often hide for fear of rejection.

Shadow work is the act of integrating the parts of ourselves we’ve kept hidden or deemed negative or unacceptable and bringing those pieces forward. The pieces of us that want to express rage, jealousy, or even simply the parts that we’ve kept hidden because they don’t quite fit in with societal expectations.

When my own spiritual awakening began it was the most time I’d ever spent crying on bathroom floors.

I was so angry and confused.

This anger in me, though uncomfortable, was just an invitation to witness how much I had been suppressing. How tightly I was holding on and covering up parts of me I didn’t want the world to see. I had to come face to face with myself and begin to unravel and question how I was living and if it was serving me.

And step by step I made changes.

So how do you know if you’re having a Spiritual Awakening?

8 signs you might be having an awakening

  1. You are questioning everything
  2. You feel lost but also more aligned than you ever have before
  3. Your relationships are changing
  4. You are prioritizing yourself and your growth
  5. You feel more connected to yourself and the universe
  6. You are searching for your purpose
  7. You’re needing more time in solitude
  8. A lot of past stuff is coming up for you to be witnessed and released

How to make it through

A spiritual awakening is not a one and done thing because we are always growing, learning, and transforming. Though some phases of the growing might feel more intense than others. It took me years to process what needed processing and to finally stand up and embody the authenticity and acceptance I had been crawling toward. And while the intensity of that phase has quieted a bit, it is an ongoing process of transformation.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these the first step is to just breathe. Bring yourself into the present moment and find practices that are grounding and soothing. You can implement a ritual each day to ground yourself and to sit with some of the questions and emotions that might be rising for you. You might find journaling to be an excellent exercise for opening a dialogue with yourself. Overall, stay curious and open so you can honor whatever is rising.

Finding community can be really helpful for this phase of your journey. Find the people and spaces where you can feel supported and heard. Seek out the people who get it, the people who have walked through it. This can be anyone who holds space for you, from a therapist to a coach or mentor.

A spiritual awakening is mostly about self-discovery and moving, step by step, toward your most authentic self. Self-compassion is going to be key. Take it one day at a time without trying to rush of force yourself through any of it.

You’ve got this!

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