In the Spring of 2020 I began hearing a soft, angelic music playing in the room with me. I kept thinking it was just an app on my phone I must have left open.

Examining the contents of my phone in great detail, I realized it was definitely not coming from there. Perhaps my husbands phone? Nope.

I checked that the TV was off, then wondered if our upstairs neighbors had taken up harp lessons.

They hadn’t.

This went on for days and then weeks. I searched everywhere for the source with increasing frenzy.

“Do you hear that?” I would question my (at this point probably slightly concerned) husband.

No one else heard it.

Seeing and hearing things that others can’t is kinda my specialty, but I had to exhaust the physical realm first. I eventually realized the music was coming from Spirit, but I didn’t really know what they wanted me to do with it.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show?

Standing ovation?

Thank them for the beautiful, though not very applicable, theme music for my life with two small children wreaking havoc on the apartment?

I didn’t think that was the response they were going for. It seemed to be more of a knock, or an angelic doorbell if you will. Like I was supposed to answer somehow.

But how?

And then my mentor suggested that when I hear the music I should try automatic writing.

RIGHT, totally, will do…

Wait, what is automatic writing?

Automatic Writing is the act of writing without using the conscious mind. It is said to come from the Spiritual or the subconscious. It is not the same as keeping a journal. When we journal, we sort of word vomit our thoughts, stresses, questions onto the paper and answer ourselves in logical or analytical ways and we tend to answer in the first person “I”.

Automatic writing comes from a different place.

Call it Spirit, the universe, your guides, angels, or simply your inner wisdom. But you can feel the difference in that they are talking to you. “You are….”

Ok, now, there was a time in my life that if you had told me I would be channeling a higher wisdom through writing I would have gotten out my holy water.

But, Danica, you’re a medium.

Yes, and Hollywood did a swell job of depicting the paranormal as something to fear.

So, I hear you. If you’re thinking “maybe I don’t want to try this” I ensure you this is not opening you up to be taken over by an entity. Think of it as simply downloading messages from the universe and writing them on paper. Call it intuitive writing if it sounds more doable.

There is no room for fear here. Or judgement. Make space to listen with your heart and allow what wants to come through.

Ok… but how do we do it?

Start by asking a question. It could be as simple as “what do I need to know today”.

Next, and most importantly, Believe.

Trust that what is coming through is the message you are meant to be receiving. Remember that your intuitive information, and even guidance from Spirit, will come through gently. It will not be loud, or pushy, and it definitely will not be critical, or full of fear.

If the messages coming through sound like this, it’s not your higher wisdom, it’s just your pre-recorded mind.

You can do this at anytime, but I find the best time is in the quiet and stillness of the morning, even before you’ve had a cup of coffee (eek! I know). But, in the fog of the early morning you’re still in-between two worlds and your overanalyzing mind hasn’t quite kicked into drive yet.

Even better, create a ritual out of it.

Keep a journal next to your bed and each morning, in the stillness, set an intention to hear and be open to receiving the messages for your highest good.

Try it! I promise you will be amazed at what comes through for you and the wisdom you have access to.

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