It was Fourth of July weekend and my husband and I had booked a little getaway to a place called Slaughter Beach in Delaware. How we stumbled upon this super romantic sounding getaway, I don’t remember. 

The good-ish news was that the title Slaughter only referred to the horseshoe crabs that would wash up on shore, become stranded, and die. Unless, like me, you have a huge, bleeding heart for animals, then this was still just really terrible news.

Still, it was quite beautiful, despite the horseshoe crabs. A little balcony, overlooking the ocean, was where we spent the majority of our time. Enjoying the view over a morning coffee, a hummingbird appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, stopping right in front of our faces, so close we could have touched it. It hovered in front of us for what felt like an eternity, then buzzed away. 

“That’s a sign” I said to my husband. 

“Of what?” He asked. 

“I don’t know yet…”

The next morning we packed our bags and headed back to our apartment in NYC. Sitting on the couch that night I got a call from my Dad. It was a call you never want to get. My sister had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the outlook was not good. We cried together on the phone and then I told my Dad about the hummingbird.

Gasping, he stated “we saw a hummingbird yesterday, too. It stopped right in front of us when I was sitting on the deck and just hovered there.” This was right after he had received the news from my sister.

When we shared this coincidence with my other siblings, who had been down in Florida that weekend, they stated that, they too, had seen a hummingbird that same day, with it hovering right in front of them as well. 

We all were amazed by this experience, believing it to be not a coincidence, but instead a sign from something bigger, more expansive than us. From something that knew more than we did about the situation at hand. 

For me, that hummingbird was simply about trusting, no matter how difficult, that we don’t have all the information and we don’t know why some things happen.

We’ve all experienced situations like this; the unexplainable. But, let’s get into what signs are and how we receive them.  

We are so conditioned to believe that any type of connection to the dead or to the universe itself is woo, that we automatically call ourselves crazy, and dismiss these signs without even realizing it. But it is in our attention, our being in the present moment, and our believing, that allow these signs to reach us. 

The universe and our loved ones in Spirit are always communicating with us. Sometimes it’s dramatic and obvious like a triple hummingbird siting across 3 states, but more often than not it’s in the subtleties.

The feelings, the smells, the flash of memories of a loved one. 

You do not need to contact a medium to talk to your loved ones who have crossed over. Believe me, they would rather speak directly to you! It is in your willingness to be open to that conversation, and that connection, your belief that they are there, that allow the signs to come through. 

If you believe that bluebird who comes to your window every morning is a sign from Mom, guess what? It is a sign from Mom. Because she is with you, in your heart, and she knows. 

If you smell cigar smoke out of nowhere and it makes you think of your Grandpa, that is your Grandpa sending a signal that he is near. That is not you making things up. 

You are not crazy. 

We are so much more connected to the other side than we even understand. 

So, what are some ways Spirit communicates?

There are endless ways Spirit and the universe communicate with us and show us encouragement, support, and guidance. Everyone will have a different experience with signs, but here are some common ones.

1. Through Nature

Spirit will often use nature to get our attention. A curious bird coming to our window, a double rainbow, a deer stopping to stare. Of course we interact with nature everyday, but it is the moments that make us stop and think, or take our breath away, that are driven by Spirit. The moments that seem to come exactly when we need them.

2. Through Song Lyrics

Music is a huge part of our lives, so what better way to really drive home their message. If you have a question on your mind or are looking for guidance and then you turn your car on and song lyrics are blasting the answer, trust that that is a sign from Spirit. They hear you and they are answering as best they can.

3. Through Text

A random page in a book, a billboard sign, a piece of mail in your mailbox. These are all easy ways for Spirit to show you they are near. We interact with these things everyday, but it’s the ones that make you scratch your head and say “is that…a sign?” that are the signs.

4. Through a Statement

Maybe you have had Mom on your mind all day and then you bump into a stranger that blurts out something Mom always used to say, that is for sure a little nod from Mom that she hears you. The random, unexplainable interactions are Spirit communicating directly with us.

5. Thoughts Popping Into Your Head

We usually experience these when we are in the shower or in the flow state, they feel like Aha moments or random answers dropping into our heads. This is because we are staying present and open and it’s easy for Spirit to give us a nudge. If it feels like encouragement or like an answer, trust it.

6. Dream Visitations

When we are in a sleep state this is the easiest time for Spirit to communicate with us. We are not distracted, we are at ease and relaxed. When loved ones visit us in a dream it is always a sign that they are near, reminding us of their presence and our connection to them. Their visitation will usually make you feel warm and probably tug at your heartstrings.

7. Through Energy and Electronics

Lights flickering, electronics turning on and off, your devices acting funny and doing things on their own; these are all signs that Spirit is near. We’ve all experienced our devices acting up and doing unexplainable things; like our headphones turning on by themselves and all of a sudden you’re listening to a podcast that is answering the question you had on your mind. When it is unexplainable, it usually means Spirit has their hand in it.

8. Synchronicities

A synchronicity is, as Carl Jung describes it, the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause. Often described as being aligned, synchronicities are when we keep seeing the same sign over and over, or receiving the same message. To the point that it cannot be explained and you just feel and know that there is something bigger driving these occurrences.

9. Coins and Feathers

Feathers and coins are common items for Spirit to use to get our attention. A feather on your kitchen counter, a coin on the lid of the toilet. It will often make you wonder how that got there and is simply Spirit reminding you they are near. I like to look at these as a sign of support, especially if I am going through a difficult time, and a reminder that I can ask for help because it is near.

10. Misplaced Items

Spirit likes to move things to get our attention. Have you ever searched your whole house trying to find something, only to then find it sitting smack dab in the middle of your kitchen table where you swear you checked 100 times? Thats a little wink from Spirit. Or maybe you pull a book of your bookshelf and a letter from Dad falls out, that is a nod from Dad that he’s here.

Signs from Spirit can offer us a sense of peace and provide reassurance in a moment of need. There is so much magic all around us and we can experience it if we keep our hearts open.

Great, but How do I receive these signs?

Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing. Stay open to the idea that your loved ones who have passed are still with you, can still speak to you, and want to hear from you. Stay open to the idea that Spirit is supporting you, and wants to help.

Ask them for specific signs and be amazed at how they deliver. 

Remaining open is key. There is no room for logical, skeptical, over-analyzing brains in the game of signs. Be open to miracles, be open to the idea that you really are connected to the universe and to your loved ones.

Practice slowing down and connecting within, connection with ourselves is so important if we want to connect to loved ones. Understanding ourselves, our own history, and how we think, will ultimately help us to understand the signs from spirit. I am not a believer in Googling “what does a cardinal mean”… Instead, ask “what does a cardinal mean to me?” and sit with it.

Believe. And see how many more signs pop up in your life.

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