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    Danica Banes

    Empowering you to reconnect to your body and inner wisdom

    Hi, I'm Danica!

    I'm a medium, intuitive guide,
    and empath

    I inspire sensitives and empaths to use their voice and remember their power by building a connection to their intuition, their bodies, and their spirit team.

    I offer intuitive readings, and energy healings. To find out more, check out my services. I also write on the topics of self-acceptance, using one’s voice, being an empath, and following one’s inner guidance. Head over to my blog to read more.

    "Healing is embracing what is most feared; healing is opening what has been closed, softening what has hardened into obstruction, healing is learning to trust life."
    Jeanne Achterberg

    Intuitive Reading

    I blend a read of your energy centers with intuitive guidance & messages from spirit. Followed by an Angel Oracle Card pull. 1 Hour, $200


    An 8 week immersive, healing circle for women who are ready to be seen and reconnect to their inner wisdom and power.

    energy healing

    Bringing balance to the body, mind, and spirit, and allowing a state of deep relaxation, to reduce stress and enhance wellness. 1 Hour, $175

    FREE Workbook to Call Your Power Back

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      About Me

      I’ve always been very sensitive to the energy around me and from a young age I have been able to see and hear spirit. I would know when something was wrong, before it happened. I would cry for hours about the disappearing rainforests, the over-fished seas, the drowning polar bears. Crowds, large gatherings, loud noises; these were all very unpleasant scenes for me. I could feel everything from everyone, all at once, and navigating the world felt like a constant battle. 

      By age 14 I had an autoimmune diagnosis and was suffering from panic attacks. I’ve suffered with anxiety, depression, and chronic health issues with little relief from conventional medicine.

      I tried everything to rid myself of symptoms: strict nutritional diets, supplement protocols that would make you gag, lifestyle changes, but I was getting nowhere until I realized that my spiritual abilities and my symptoms were synonymous. My body and Spirit team were trying to get my attention and when I stopped running and started listening to the cues, I was able to begin reclaiming self-trust, finding self-acceptance, and begin setting boundaries and showing up authentically.  


      As a trained Art Therapist, I’m an advocate of creative expression as an important tool for self discovery and intuition development. 

      In 2017 I moved to Hong Kong with my husband and young daughter, leaving my career and everything I knew behind. This was the fork in the road for my professional experience. It was here that I received my Yoga Teacher Certification and began really diving into the mind-body connection. 

      I then moved to Singapore, where I taught yoga both privately and as an assistant teacher in a program supporting special needs kids & teens. I became a reiki practitioner and facilitated sessions through a reiki clinic in support of migrant workers effected by the lockdowns of 2020. I also conducted workshops incorporating art and meditation for stress reduction and to promote reconnection to body, spirit, and intuition. 

      In moving from Country to Country, building community kinda became my thing. Finding the people that I can laugh, learn, and grow with was of the utmost importance. That is one of the core components of what I bring to my work today. 




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      *Disclaimer: All readings, messages, and healing's provided by Danica are for entertainment purposes only. Please refer to a medical and/or mental health practitioner for health issues. Only persons over 18 years will be accepted. Any reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the recipient.