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Our bodies have an innate wisdom and our higher selves have been here before… they know the way.

This intelligence is available to all of us, but sometimes it can feel confusing. External noise, patterns from childhood, and trauma, can all interfere with our connection to ourselves. When we can make space to foster that connection, we can begin to tap into that wisdom, and live from a more whole and grounded place.

As sensitive souls we feel so deeply the energy around us and because of this I believe we require a certain kind of care.

"Healing is embracing what is most feared; healing is opening what has been closed, softening what has hardened into obstruction, healing is learning to trust life."
Jeanne Achterberg

Private Sessions

Intuitive Reading

By connecting into your energy I am able to see, hear, and feel any messages Spirit wishes to communicate. I will share intuitive guidance along with messages from spirit or loved ones who are near. We will end the session with an Angel oracle card pull.

An Intuitive Reading is for you if you are looking for guidance, validation, or connection. No two readings are the same.
1 Hour, $200

Restorative Energy Healing

Combining elements of reiki with intuitive energy healing I call on my Spirit team and yours to assist in bringing balance to the body, mind, and spirit, allowing a state of deep relaxation.

An Energy Healing is for you if you are looking to reduce stress and enhance wellness and can be especially helpful during big transitions. 

1 Hour, $175

the Self/Centered

Unlock and embrace your authentic inner power! With a blend of the somatic and the spiritual I guide you toward arriving back into partnership with your body and your inner wisdom. Through guided mediation I help you connect to your hearts wisdom, while sharing any intuitive guidance I receive along the way.

The Self/Centered is for you if you are looking for a quiet space to hear the wisdom of your heart coupled with private intuitive coaching.

1 Hour, $150

Group Sessions


A 4 part healing circle for perfectionists, people pleasers, empaths & moms, who want to ignite their own divine connection through reconnecting to their body and inner wisdom.

This is held over Zoom and is an application only group. 


A sacred gathering to connect with others and allow yourself space to dip into your intuitive awareness through guided meditation, group energy healing, and reflective journaling.

This is an in-person gathering at The Healing Collective, NY

1.5 Hour, $35

Free Resources

Add more gentle into your life

The 21 Days of Gentle Living Guide: Daily prompts for fostering more self-compassion and ease.

What's your strongest clair sense?

The Clair Senses are simply our physical senses, heightened, to receive broader information about our world.

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Hi, I'm Danica!

a former-expat, an empath, and mom of 3

I’m also a professional psychic medium, which is funny, because for most of my life I didn’t want anyone to know I talked to the dead. Like many sensitive souls, I believed the story that I was “too sensitive” and spent a lifetime abandoning and shrinking myself, building walls of protection around my heart.

By age 14 I had an autoimmune diagnosis and was suffering from panic attacks. I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and chronic health issues with little relief from conventional medicine.

Spending most of my adult life treating symptoms with only tiny windows of relief, and the more my symptoms would flare, the more aggressive I would become with trying to “fix” myself. I was pushing and forcing myself through everything I did. Overriding my body’s signals and my inner wisdom. Neglecting my needs, keeping my mediumship a secret, and making myself smaller and smaller.

I lived this way, until I no longer could. 

Eventually, I began to notice that my symptoms, and my spirit team, were messengers, trying to get my attention. My body wasn’t broken, it was trying to help me. Spirit wasn’t haunting me, they were trying to guide me.

I gave up on rigid healing protocols and instead got curious. In pausing to listen, I uncovered just how much I was suppressing, including trauma.

I’m not “healed” because I no longer view healing as black and white. What I am is in partnership with my body, and my inner wisdom.

I have worked in therapeutic, wellness, spiritual, and corporate environments, including clinical settings in New York and wellness workshops in Singapore. I hold a master’s degree in art therapy and counseling with a certification in integrative somatic trauma therapy. I’m a reiki practitioner, and certified yoga teacher, and I offer private intuitive readings, energy healings, or group workshops.

When I am not wrangling snacks for my three kids, I can be found writing, painting, or desperately trying to keep my houseplants alive. 


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*Disclaimer: All readings, messages, and healing's provided by Danica are for entertainment purposes only. Please refer to a medical and/or mental health practitioner for health issues. Only persons over 18 years will be accepted. Any reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the recipient.